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Despite press release, Samsung didn't buy fingerprint ID maker

An announcement that the electronics giant bought Fingerprint Cards, a fingerprint ID maker, wasn't real, the Swedish company says.

By Oct. 11, 2013


3D printing stock scam, April Fools' joke, or both?

Sketchy-looking 3D printing "company" finds snag in fabric of reality, pulls.

By Apr. 1, 2013


PC game hardware worth $34 billion by 2012

A report from Jon Peddie Research says the market for PC game hardware is larger than the market for game software. And PC gaming is bigger than console gaming.

By Nov. 19, 2008


Mac Home Journal web site additions

Mac Home Journal web site additions

By Dec. 10, 1997


Lenovo's cloud vision could use a tailwind

Lenovo wants to be seen as a "personal cloud solution" provider more than a PC manufacturer. Meanwhile, Acer also gets cloud-happy.

By Jan. 9, 2012


Carriers creating Isis mobile payment network

AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile join forces to build a commerce network designed to let people more easily buy items via cell phones.

By Nov. 16, 2010


Microsoft hires new firm for Zune Pass

Music Reports Inc. announces they will now be handling the back-end licensing and accounting for Microsoft's Zune Pass music subscription service.

By Feb. 17, 2010


<b>Odds &amp; Ends

Odds & Ends

By Jan. 2, 1998


OpenTablet 7 is Flash-friendly iPad alternative

OpenPeak unveils pics and specs for its 7-inch multimedia tablet, the OpenTablet 7.

By Feb. 16, 2010


New &amp; Noteworthy: New Apple Store; AT&amp;T email switch;

New & Noteworthy: New Apple Store; AT&T email switch;

By Mar. 12, 2002