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Apple's Tim Cook: Innovation 'alive and well' at company

After introducing the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch last week, Apple's chief executive speaks with Businessweek about how the company has changed in his three years at the helm.

By September 18, 2014


BlackBerry turned down Bieber because 'he's not going to last'

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the fine Canadian singer offered himself as a brand ambassador to his fellow Canadians for a mere $200,000 and 20 phones. He was rejected.

By December 5, 2013


Dropbox seeks more funding at whopping $8B valuation -- report

Here's another one for the Silicon Valley bubble forecasters: The file-hosting startup is looking for another $250 million at a mind-bogglingly high valuation, reports Businessweek.

By November 18, 2013


'Why are you wasting my life?' and other Jeff Bezos gems

A Bloomberg Businessweek excerpt of Brad Stone's book about Amazon depicts CEO Jeff Bezos as a confrontational exec willing to sacrifice millions to sink the target of a bidding war.

By October 10, 2013


Apple's planned 'spaceship' HQ will reportedly cost $5B

The iPad maker has delayed construction on the project in order to cut $1 billion out of the budget, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

By April 4, 2013


Lucas hints Ford, Fisher, Hamill will be in new 'Star Wars'

George Lucas may have accidentally confirmed to Bloomberg Businessweek that all three original stars will return in their original roles in the new movie.

By March 7, 2013


Microsoft's Ballmer disses Dropbox as a 'little startup'

With Office 2013 able to save files directly to SkyDrive, Microsoft's CEO dismisses his cloud-based-rival in an interview with BusinessWeek.

By January 30, 2013


Has Apple gone soft? Tim Cook, say it ain't so

Bloomberg Businessweek suggests that with recent corporate expressions such as moving some Mac production to the U.S., Apple is showing its "softer side." Oh, really?

By December 7, 2012


Tim Cook: Steve Jobs told me to 'just do what's right'

In an interview with Businessweek, Cook says that Steve Jobs lifted a burden off him when he finally took over as Apple CEO.

By December 6, 2012


Mark Zuckerberg's search ambitions are Google-sized

In a Q&A with Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the Facebook CEO revealed just how big an opportunity he thinks search is for the social network.

By October 4, 2012