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Burglar wearing electronic tag steals laptop

In what may have been an attempt at seeing hope triumph over intelligence, a serial burglar in the U.K. discovers that electronic tags really do record your movements.

By January 6, 2013


Burglar uses iPhone as flashlight, accidentally records the crime

Sometimes iPhones can be a little too useful, as a burglar discovers when he inadvertently creates the evidence of his own guilt.

By October 28, 2012


Kids post Facebook pics of themselves burglarizing house

Some teens allegedly break into a house, have a party, and then post the evidence on Facebook. Oh, and they tag themselves too.

By October 3, 2012


Police: Burglar nabbed after turning on Steve Jobs' stolen Macs

The person who allegedly burglarized the home of the late Steve Jobs was apparently found when he connected the stolen Apple hardware.

By August 15, 2012


Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare: Tools of the modern burglar?

Most thieves can't get enough social media. A survey of cons says it's practically part of the job description these days.

By April 5, 2012


FakeTV: Fool burglars into thinking you're at home

Most burglars are aiming for unoccupied houses. Trick them into thinking you're at home with the FakeTV, a small gadget that flickers and changes colors to mimic a real television set.

By June 21, 2011


Burglar alarm marks territory with pepper spray

Aggressive alarm aims to stop break-ins with the power of Scoville units.

By March 23, 2011


Fool burglars with Verizon's smart-home system

Verizon's Home Monitoring and Control system can adjust your lighting, heating and security camera settings while you're on the road.

By January 5, 2011


Zuckerbandits? Alleged 'Facebook' burglars busted

Three males are arrested for allegedly stealing over $100,000 worth of electronics, ammunition, fireworks, and other booty by using Facebook to find when victims are away.

By September 10, 2010


AlertMe 2.0: Reduces your energy bills and catches burglars

AlertMe is back with a host of new add-ons designed to help reduce your energy bills, improve security and generally drag your home kicking and screaming into the 21st century

By April 24, 2009