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Ubuntu Linux: Built-in apps get an "A", wireless support an "F"

The "Gutsy Gibbon" version of Linux, a.k.a. 7.10, has all the applications most Windows users will need, but its spotty support for wireless adapters limits your networking options.

By January 4, 2008


What if Apple built a search engine?

Apple developing a search engine sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? Well what if the company actually did?

By November 13, 2008


Possibly the best iPhone Web app yet: vtap trumps built-in iPhone YouTube app

Possibly the best iPhone Web app yet: vtap trumps built-in iPhone YouTube app

By November 2, 2007


Video: Apple should release an iTunes-equipped HDTV

Should Apple release an HDTV with iTunes functionality built-in? Don Reisinger thinks so.

By January 12, 2009


New browsing apps available for the iPhone

The App Store is now open to a number of Safari-based Web-browsing applications, previously deemed by Apple to be "duplicating functionality."

By January 14, 2009


Google to launch reseller program for Apps

The new program will allow partners to resell Google Apps together with bundled services, opening up the SaaS platform for new markets.

By January 13, 2009


Apple takes another small step onto the Web

Latest software updates to iWork and iLife now integrate with various Web services including favorites like Facebook and Flickr.

By January 6, 2009


JumpBox service to deploy apps on Amazon EC2

JumpBox is now offering an easy deployment of open-source applications. By deploying virtualized instances of apps on Amazon's cloud service, quandaries may be obviated.

By December 22, 2008


Windows-based all-in-ones finally give Apple some competition

Round-up of three large screen all-in-one desktop reviews

By December 15, 2008


Amid recession, developer finds hope in App Store

Dennis Hescox has been around the games industry for years. Now, as the economy founders, he is trying to turn to iPhone games as a way to make a living. The challenges are huge.

By December 9, 2008