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Computer prank slips past security experts

A Trojan horse posing as a security tool tricks experts at SecurityFocus.com--which moderates the popular Bugtraq security list--after they send the code to the list's 37,000 users.

By February 1, 2001


Microsoft banned from security email list

The administrator of Bugtraq bans postings from the software giant after it strips detailed information out of its advisories--but a compromise is likely on the way.

By December 8, 2000


Short Take: ICSA.net acquires Windows bug-tracking list

Computing security company ICSA.net has acquired the NT-Bugtraq mailing list for discussing Windows NT and Windows 2000 security issues. ICSA.net has also hired NT-Bugtraq's moderator, Russ Cooper. In a note posted to the list, Cooper said he plans to add a new mailing list to cover the security of Windows 95, 98 and Me and another list for browser and email security. Cooper also said he hopes access to ICSA.net's labs will improve his bug-testing abilities.

By September 20, 2000