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Zynga banking on 'fat fingers' to help mobile ad numbers -- analyst

BTIG Analyst Richard Greenfield notices larger, more difficult to avoid ads on Zynga's games, calls them a "desperate action" to encourage "fat fingers," or accidental clicks.

By Oct. 11, 2012


Facebook + WhatsApp: What the experts think

Internet analysts, recovering from initial sticker shock, seem cautiously optimistic about the social network's ability to gobble up the global messaging market.

By Feb. 20, 2014


iPhone 5 supply closes in on U.S. demand

If you've been hoping to get an iPhone 5 but were discouraged by the lengthy shipping schedule, you may now be in luck.

By Nov. 9, 2012


Yahoo follows Netflix in video stream of earnings call

Internet company plans to live-stream a video broadcast of its second-quarter financial results meeting on Tuesday.

By Jul. 15, 2013


Apple's streaming music service could debut in 2013 -- analyst

The company's new service, which could be known as "iRadio," was rumored to be close to launching earlier this year, if not a snag with a music publisher.

By Nov. 30, 2012


What's the top-selling phone at Verizon and AT&T?

About five months after Apple's iPhone debuts on Verizon's network, it is already the carrier's top-selling handset, according to a survey of the wireless carrier's stores by BTIG Research.

By Jun. 22, 2011


App Store rankings rejiggered in move to iOS 6

Apple appears to have made quiet changes to how it ranks top applications with the release of iOS 6 yesterday.

By Sep. 20, 2012


Who's 'Next'? Customers are stepping up for AT&T's no-contract plan

A surprisingly high number of customers are opting to pay for their own smartphones in monthly installments, avoiding a two-year contract. And that's good news for AT&T.

By Apr. 23, 2014


Netflix hangs up on earnings call in favor of video discussion

Instead of the traditional conference call with analysts, the video streaming company will broadcast a video discussion based on questions submitted via e-mail and Twitter.

By Jul. 8, 2013


Hulu Plus joins the Google Chromecast crew

The Google Chromecast media app-to-TV broadcasting dongle finally begins to add support for new apps. First to jump in the Chromecast pool: Hulu Plus.

By Oct. 2, 2013