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Place the Blue Screen of Death on your desktop.

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Cloud System Booster

Clean your registry and hard drive to make PC run fast.

4 stars Editors' rating on Apr 29, 2014
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BSoD Prank

Prank your friends with this phony blue screen.

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Software Virtualization Solution (SVS)

Activate, deactivate, or reset applications without altering the base Windows installation.

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BSOD Reaction Time

BSOD Reaction Time is a game that puts your reaction time to the test!You never know when your computer is going to crash, so practice your...

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BSOD: Stop Codes

BSOD: Stop Codes is an application that provides indexed information on Microsoft Windows (blue screen) stop codes.This application allows you to...

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The Ultimate Virus

Prank your friends with a harmless "virus" program.

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Scan your PC and identify hardware and software components.

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BlueScreen Screen Saver

Mimic blue screen of death on your desktop.

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Bluescreen Screensaver

Display and enjoy BSOD error screens from different operating systems on your desktop.

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Apple's MacBook Pro graphics update offering mixed results

To address a black-screen bug that some MacBook owners have been experiencing, Apple issued a software video driver update; however, this has not fixed the issue in all circumstances.

By October 25, 2011


Patriot Memory Pyro SSD review: Lacking fire

CNET editor Dong Ngo reviews the Patriot Memory Pyro solid-state drive.

By October 10, 2011


Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death gets sad face :(

Windows 8 is sporting a new Blue Screen of Death. The sweeter, friendlier version features a sad face emoticon and plain language error explanations.

By September 16, 2011


Cr-48's Chrome OS Easter egg: Blue screen of snark

Brad Wells has found the little joke Google programmers hid in the prototype laptop for Chrome OS, the company's browser-based operating system.

By June 6, 2011


iTunes update for Windows Vista addresses BSOD

Apple releases a new media player version and recommends that Windows users replace outdated drivers for Webcam products, scanners, and some media card readers.

By September 12, 2008


Windows 95 on iPad: Sure, but why?

A developer manages to fit the 15-year-old operating system on Apple's latest baby.

By April 13, 2010


Gadgettes 178: The Nerdvana Episode (podcast)

This episode had a number of potential titles. Nerd Alert, Nerd party, Nerdgasm... but we honed in on the one that really encapsulates the sheer nerditude of stuff covered in today's show. Let your inner nerd shine through.

By March 25, 2010


Windows security update causes 'blue screen of death' for some

Windows XP users say one patch in particular causes problems, and that there's a fix but it requires an install CD. However, CDs aren't shipped with all computers and aren't available for Netbook users at all.

By February 11, 2010


BSOD on a Mac?

Apple's witty icon for Windows machines on your local network.

By October 30, 2007


Apple and the Nvidia 'problem'

Nvidia again finds itself in the middle of an uproar over issues with an Apple notebook. But are Nvidia graphics chips really the problem? And are the issues that widespread?

By March 9, 2009