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Microsoft ditches SkyDrive for OneDrive after BSkyB dispute

The sky isn't falling, but the SkyDrive name is. Nothing else changes about the cloud-based storage service, Microsoft says, just the branding.

By January 27, 2014


BSkyB to buy O2's UK broadband business for £200m

BSkyB is snaffling up the broadband arm of O2's parent company, meaning it jumps ahead of Virgin Media in terms of subscribers.

By March 1, 2013


Universal-BSkyB subscription service will fail without other labels

Consumers don't know and don't care about record labels. They want to find music by their favorite artists, and if the selection's not there, the service won't be used.

By July 22, 2008


SkyDrive trademark ruling goes against Microsoft

The software giant's cloud storage service infringes the trademark name of BSkyB, one of the largest broadcasters in Europe, the U.K.'s High Court in London rules.

By July 1, 2013


Roku lands $45M in funding, plans hardware, media expansion

The maker of content streaming devices has raised $45 million from News Corp, BSkyB and others.

By July 26, 2012


News Corp promoted pay TV piracy: report

An extensive report in today's Australian Financial Review claims that a secret operation inside News Corporation, part owner of Foxtel in Australia and BSkyB in the UK, promoted pay TV piracy.

By March 27, 2012


At 25, is Sky a dishy delight or deep-pocketed menace?

Sky turns 25 today, celebrating a quarter of a century of dish-fed telly, movies and sport -- and 25 years of locking up the best telly.

By February 5, 2014


Microsoft SkyDrive will soon turn into OneDrive

After a dispute over the SkyDrive name, Microsoft has announced that its cloud storage solution will soon become OneDrive.

By January 27, 2014


Microsoft relinquishes SkyDrive brand

The software giant is going to rebrand its cloud storage service, following a settlement with British Sky Broadcasting Group over rights to the "Sky" name.

By July 31, 2013


ISPs to be ordered to block extremist websites, report says

The UK government is reportedly planning new measures to censor extremist and terrorist websites.

By November 29, 2013