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BRP's Can-Am Spyder RT is three-wheeled fun (pictures)

The XCAR team tend to get their kicks with four-wheeled vehicles most of the time, but the Can-Am Spyder looked like too much fun to miss.

20 Images By August 7, 2014


Can-Am Maverick: Ripping the great outdoors to shreds

Four wheels and a combustion engine is usually a recipe for a conventional form of transportation. In the hands of BRP however, they are the building blocks of something a lot more fun.

By December 11, 2014


Can-Am Spyder: Sportscar performance on three wheels

This three-wheeler is the first road-going vehicle from BRP, a company better known for its snow and water vehicles. XCAR took a look at one of these bundles of fun -- and the history of BRP.

By September 18, 2014


Arrow: A four-wheeled 'fighter jet' for the road (Q&A)

One of Charles Bombardier's many wild concept vehicle designs, the Arrow, could be powered by lithium-air batteries with a range of over 370 miles.

By December 31, 2013


What does 'safe' mean in a nuclear disaster? (Q&A)

A nuclear expert with Physicians for Social Responsibility says there is no "safe" level of radiation. But for now, he advises caution, not panic.

By April 15, 2011


Photos: BRP Can-Am Spyder

The Can-Am Spyder is similar to a motorcycle, in that it uses one rear belt-driven wheel, but two front wheels differentiate it. The Spyder is relatively easy to drive and gets about 35 miles per gallon, making it a potentially inexpensive commute vehicle.

10 Images By July 17, 2008


PACE jury honors automotive innovators

Automotive News reports on PACE award winners for 2010.

By April 23, 2010


Rolling out the dough

This rolling pin saves space with its integrated cookie cutter storage.

By July 9, 2009


The sporty commuter

CNET Car Tech takes a ride on the BRP Can-Am Spyder.

By July 17, 2008


Y-shaped motorcycle is a different kind of hybrid

BRP's 2008 Can-Am Spyder touts stability with speed

By February 13, 2007