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Spotify launching browser-based version as part of redesign

Changes are afoot, with the music streaming app set to launch a browser-based version as part of a redesign.

By September 9, 2012


Spotify readying browser-based version, says report

The popular music service is preparing a Web-based version of its desktop service and is also looking to improve how users can find new music, according to a report.

By September 8, 2012


Nook chases after Kindle with browser-based service

Barnes & Noble announced today that users can now explore and read books in a Nook-like reading environment in the browser. The service works on both Mac and PC.

By July 17, 2012


Windows Phone Marketplace is a browser-based app store

Microsoft has a new Marketplace website where you can browse and buy Windows Phone apps in your browser.

By September 27, 2011


Mozilla: Now is the time for browser-based games

Firefox and other up-to-date browsers are capable of running newly complex games, Mozilla argues, launching an effort to get programmers interested.

By September 8, 2010


Hackers release browser-based iPhone 4 jailbreak

iPhone Dev Team announces release of bypass for protections just days after U.S. Copyright Office declares that mobile-phone jailbreaking is legit.

By August 1, 2010


Browser-based Office shows its face

Microsoft is launching a "technology preview" Thursday for the online versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint, but users still can't edit their Word docs.

By September 17, 2009


HP researchers develop browser-based darknet

Darknets, encrypted peer-to-peer networks, are normally difficult to set up and maintain. But two researchers plan to demonstrate a less complicated one at Black Hat.

By July 25, 2009


Save your iPhone's battery by killing off the Facebook app

According to a new report, you could see a boost of 15 percent or more just by switching to Facebook in your browser.

By February 9, 2016


gOS Cloud: browser-based OS for Netbooks

Good OS announces Cloud OS for Netbooks.

By December 1, 2008