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The Nevada town whose brothels could be done in by sex tech (pictures)

Two decades ago, there were 36 legal brothels in Nevada. Now, there are 17. Will the brothels on the outskirts of Pahrump survive?

24 Images By January 24, 2016


At last! A sci-fi brothel near Vegas

Celebrated brothel owner Dennis Hof is opening the Alien Cathouse, a sci-fi themed brothel that promises "girls from another world."

By December 29, 2011


'Second Life' for teens: 3D fun sans the brothels

After two years as an adults-only playground, the virtual world will feature a new grid for teenagers. Images: A new metaverse

By August 8, 2005


Norwegian brothel a hit on Web

A group of Norwegian hackers has trained a $75 Web cam on a brothel to prove how technology can invade privacy.

By May 9, 1997