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Oasis, 'Falling Down (Chemical Brothers remix)': Free MP3 of the Day

In an England swamped in punk and new wave variants, Oasis' Britpop now borders on adult--which isn't to say it's stodgy. Download a free MP3 of "Falling Down (Chemical Brothers remix)" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By Aug. 20, 2008


The Dandy Warhols, 'The World The People Together (Come On)': Free MP3 of the Day

Their new album ramps up the winning post-Floyd motif with a consciously intergalactic vibe, played out as excellent psychedelia. Download a free MP3 of "The World The People Together (Come On)" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By May. 23, 2008


The Futureheads, 'Broke Up the Time': Free MP3 of the Day

U.K. indie-styled rockers give a nod to a tradition of melodic crooning and gritty guitars and the result is the enticing sound of Futureheads. Download a free MP3 of "Broke Up the Time" courtesy of CNET Download Music.

By Apr. 28, 2008


iAxe 393: Shred face via USB

We've just gotten our hands on a USB guitar from the good people at iwantoneofthose.com -- needless to say, we plugged it straight in and cranked the volume up to 11...

By Apr. 26, 2007


iAxe guitar: Shred face via USB

We've fallen in love with this thing

By Apr. 26, 2007


We Live in Public: Crave reviews the dotcom documentary

Crave reviews We Live in Public, a new documentary on dotcom self-destruction, exhibitionism and the greatest Internet pioneer you've never heard of

By Nov. 17, 2009


Spotify: A love song

After what seems like an eternity, an awesome free streaming-music service has come along. But will it be taken away just as quickly as it's stumbled into one reporter's life?

By Nov. 3, 2009


The world without major labels

A graphic designer who's done some work in the music industry has posted a 6,000-word diatribe bemoaning the death of Oink and predicting (and encouraging) the death of the major-label system. So what would actually happen?

By Nov. 2, 2007


Music and technology firsts

Music and technology go together like rock and roll. We take a whirlwind tour through the history of technological milestones in music, packed with classic tunes and amazing facts

By Nov. 25, 2009