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Flame-breathing RC dragon flies for only $60,000

It belches propane flame, flies 70 miles per hour, and can be yours if you're willing to forego a year's salary.

By Mar. 21, 2014


Ventev keeps your phone battery breathing (pictures)

Ventev's new line of back-up power includes car chargers and a 6,000mAh battery pack.

6 Images By Jan. 10, 2014


Washable baby bootie doubles as breathing monitor

In the first couple days of its crowdfunding campaign, the Owlet baby monitor raises more than a third of its goal of $100,000. The monitor measures heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temp, sleep quality, and more.

By Aug. 28, 2013


Plant-powered breathing apparatus for a dystopian future

Designer Chiu Chih created an artistic version of an air tank using a plant as a filter and oxygen generator. It's ready for a post-apocalyptic world.

By Aug. 19, 2013


'Conscious Clothing' measures the junk you're breathing

Add "pollution intake" to your quantified-self profile. A prize-winning system calculates particulate matter inhaled and transmits the data in real time via Bluetooth.

By Jun. 5, 2013


Awesome fire-breathing dragon is world's largest walking robot

At 30 feet tall and 51 feet long, Tradinno is a gargantuan mechatronic beast you don't want to mess with.

By Sep. 12, 2013


Give Google Glass some breathing room

Glass is indeed an experiment, "a living debate on wearable tech," and much of that debate will center around what app developers do with the high-tech specs.

By May. 2, 2013

Editors' Take

Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 may be stealing headlines, but Nintendo's latest Mario effort might be the best game of the holidays.

By Nov. 21, 2013


Wireless network could monitor breathing

The same University of Utah engineers who built wireless networks that see through walls are now redirecting their efforts to noninvasively measure the breath of hospital patients and newborns.

By Sep. 20, 2011


BMW's fire-breathing monster

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2010 BMW X6 M.

By Dec. 17, 2009