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Pantech Breakout (Verizon Wireless)

If you don't give a whit about the camera or video, the Pantech Breakout is a fast and straightforward Android handset for Verizon.

By Oct. 5, 2011

3.5 stars Editor's rating Oct. 5, 2011

Play Breakout on Google Image search

To celebrate the 37th anniversary of Atari's Breakout, Google has slipped a new Easter egg into Google Image search.

By May. 13, 2013


Pantech Breakout (photos)

Fast it is, but the Pantech Breakout's low-grade camera and video capture quality give us pause.

6 Images By Oct. 6, 2011


Pantech Breakout 4G (Verizon)

Pantech's first Android smartphone for Verizon has some nice features, but one big flaw that could break the Breakout.

By Oct. 10, 2011


Wozniak on the creation of Breakout

While touring the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak discusses the influence of the Pong and how he and co-founder Steve Jobs came down with mononucleosis while creating the game Breakout

Dec. 3, 2010


Pantech Breakout review: Fast 4G, crummy camera

Read up on the Pantech Breakout, Verizon's latest Android Gingerbread phone to run on its speedy 4G LTE network.

By Oct. 7, 2011


Ubuntu's breakout

Ubuntu has largely succeeded where many others have not in emerging as a major global Linux distribution.

By Oct. 28, 2008


Cloud fever: What will it take for a breakout?

At a roundtable discussion on Microsoft's campus, of all places, some of the tech industry's best and brightest gather to offer a snapshot of cloud computing's progress--and lack thereof.

By Feb. 27, 2009


New & Noteworthy: ProSpeaker-Breakout Cable;

New & Noteworthy: ProSpeaker-Breakout Cable;

By May. 17, 2002