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Lloyd Braun's doppelganger

If Yahoo's newest executive, Lloyd Braun, rings a bell, then you must be a "Seinfeld" fan...

By November 5, 2004


Lloyd Braun still at Yahoo

By January 10, 2006


Does Braun have the brains to woo Hollywood?

Braun will try (again) to make online entertainment a real business.

By November 3, 2004


Mozilla plans permission toggles in Firefox OS

Firefox OS phone owners will be able to flip app permissions on and off at will in a far-future version of the browser-based mobile operating system.

By August 26, 2014


​iPhone-connected breathalyzer takes out top Australian tech design award

A smartphone-connected breathalyzer has taken out the top consumer electronics prize at Australia's Good Design Awards, beating a portable cinema camera, a Kickstarter-funded charging cable and the Leap Motion Controller for the top prize.

By May 28, 2014


Old-school MacPaint revived online with CloudPaint

Start sharpening your lasso skills! The 1984 software program MacPaint gets new life as a fully usable Web version called CloudPaint.

By October 9, 2013


Justin Bieber to go where no teen singer has gone before

The latest to sign up for Virgin Galactic's fun ride into space is Justin Bieber. He's taking his manager with him. What can this mean?

By June 6, 2013


Lasers could help biotag cancer cells

A breakthrough laser technology can discriminate between cancerous prostate cells and healthy bodily fluids, and ultimately help predict when cancer will metastasize.

By September 21, 2011


Giants' Cabrera created fake Web site to avoid drugs ban?

A report emerges that the San Francisco Giants Melky Cabrera allegedly contributed to creating a fake product and Web site in order to fool investigators after his testosterone levels were elevated.

By August 19, 2012


Porn maker sues 7,098 alleged film pirates

An adult-filmmaker files copyright complaint against 7,098 and has no sympathy for the accused. "F--- 'em. We are going after every one of them," he says.

By November 2, 2010