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Ford showcases all-new brake detection system

At CES 2014 in Las Vegas, CNET's Brian Tong takes a ride in Ford's brake detection system which automatically stops the car to avoid a frontal collision.

By Jan. 8, 2014


Audi Allroad Shooting Brake concept brings e-tron offroad (pictures)

At the 2014 Detroit auto show, Audi unveiled its Allroad Shooting Brake concept, using a plug-in hybrid system for an all-wheel-drive light offroader.

11 Images By Jan. 14, 2014


Experimental brake lights wirelessly communicate with other vehicles

Experimental technology from automaker Ford attempts to notify drivers behind you when you're braking, even if they can't see you.

By Jun. 26, 2013


Computer scientists design wireless bike brake

Say goodbye to protruding brake levers and messy wires, though you'd have to live with three failures in every trillion slowdowns.

By Oct. 13, 2011


Toyota Prius recalled: Brake issue hits UK

As if having to recall a whopping 180,865 vehicles from its other ranges wasn't enough, Toyota's now announced a global recall of its third-generation Prius hybrids due to dodgy brakes

By Feb. 9, 2010


Chrysler recalls 24,177 cars over brake defect

Information on Chrysler's recalls thousands of cars due to possible brake defect.

By Jan. 19, 2010


HMK 561: Electric bike turns brake energy into go-go juice

Have a gander, friends, at the HMK 561 -- a prototype electric bike that's so sexy it'll make you want to cycle the streets naked singing I Touch Myself

4 Images By Mar. 25, 2010


If feds mandate brake override, GM, Honda have most work to do

Automotive News reports on a potential federal mandate for brake override systems in cars.

By Mar. 11, 2010


Nissan brake-resistance system steers drivers out of trouble

Car maker recently announces a brake-resistance device that would attempt to keep drivers from changing lanes if another vehicle is detected in the motorist's blind spot.

By Aug. 13, 2008


Our cars: The European Grand Prix - Leon Edition

We take our trusty long termer out to the legendary Nürburgring GP circuit.

By Apr. 12, 2014