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The Witness is being pirated a lot, dev says

Jonathan Blow: "I don't like DRM."

By January 28, 2016


Humble Indie Bundle adds Lone Survivor, Braid, Super Meat Boy

The current Humble Indie Bundle has added three more primo games to its line-up.

By June 8, 2012


Xbox Live gold members get (even) more benefits

Microsoft is now offering weekly sales on gaming content for Gold members only. First up will be "Braid." Usually available for 1,200 gamer points or $15, its now available to Gold members for 800 points, or $10.

By February 23, 2009


Braid virus winds its way through e-mail

Although the latest mass-mailing computer virus is off to a slow start, antivirus companies say it shares some attributes with the widely spread Klez family of viruses.

By November 4, 2002