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How photographers captured the London Olympics

As the Olympic Games draw to a close, photographers from Reuters have spoken about how they captured iconic moments on camera.

By August 13, 2012


Thief urinates on transformer, gets burns, jail

A copper thief is jailed for a year after he and an accomplice drain conductors at a sub-station of oil and he then urinates against the transformer, causing an explosion.

By February 20, 2012


Twitter mourns for the undead typewriter

A story about the last typewriter manufacturer in the world announcing it has only 500 machines left made headlines recently. There is one problem: It isn't the last manufacturer.

By April 27, 2011


WikiLeaks could be vulnerable to Espionage Act

If Julian Assange is indicted by the U.S. government for disseminating classified information, he'll have a difficult time fending off the vague but menacing Espionage Act.

By December 13, 2010


Software maker targets piracy on Amazon, iOffer

The Software and Information Industry Association is ramping up its antipiracy efforts and suing illegal software sellers on other sites besides eBay.

By December 10, 2008


Coal, once stable, zooms in price

You may not like it, but coal is high in demand.

By February 12, 2008


Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

By June 2, 1999