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How to add push alerts to Sparrow for iPhone

Sparrow for iPhone launched today missing push alerts, an essential e-mail capability. Boxcar now comes equipped with Sparrow integration, which allows for an easy workaround.

By March 15, 2012


Use Sparrow for iPhone for a near flawless e-mail experience

Sparrow for iPhone is here, bringing a unique e-mail experience to the iPhone.

By March 15, 2012


Robot tiltrotor boxcar may fly Navy supply missions

An experimental unmanned flying cargo system, Baldwin Technology's Mono Tiltrotor, would integrate a coaxial rotor, a folding lifting wing system, and a lightweight airframe.

By March 21, 2009


Apple overhauling iPhone notification system?

A report says Apple is poised to acquire an iPhone app maker whose product will be used to give iOS notifications a makeover.

By February 11, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 851: Boxcar Jack is looking for you at HoboBook.com!

Social networking finally reaches its most underserved niche: the hobos. Look for Tom to officially join the Hobo Nation any day now. In other news of the day, Caroline McCarthy joins us for a rollicking discussion of the Washington Post's war on spam.

By November 12, 2008


Tales2Go 2.0 adds caching, multitasking

With new subscription options, multitasking support, offline listening, and more, what was already a killer app for kids 3-11 just got even better.

By September 17, 2010


Five must-have iPhone apps for parents

Whether you're seeking advice on how to treat a burn or just looking for a way to pass a long wait in a restaurant, you'll find what you need in this app roundup.

By March 29, 2010