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First-gen YouTube celebs: Where are they now?

They went from everyday people to overnight Web stars, all thanks to a newfangled site called YouTube. Some are still at it. Others moved on to new, related ventures.

By August 27, 2009


YouTube's 'Bowiechick' and the spiders from marketing

After pumping up Webcam sales, cult figure receives gift offer from camera's maker, Logitech. Others offer cash for endorsements.

By April 4, 2006


Top YouTube videographers descend on San Francisco

Whirring cameras and lots of taping punctuate "As One," an event to bring together some of YouTube's best-known bloggers. Photos: Unity for YouTube Video: YouTube stars meet and mingle

By February 17, 2007


Year in review: YouTube ignites Web video

From a little SNL skit, an online phenomenon grew--and garnered a billion-dollar payday from Google.

December 26, 2006


YouTube directors ready for postproduction

Companies that make editing software and digital cameras are trying to cash in on video-sharing craze. Images: Tools for directors

By August 30, 2006


Almost live from Grouper, it's your video

Site will streamline process of uploading clips, taking video sharing closer to the realm of live broadcasts.

By July 17, 2006


YouTube: Too rough for advertisers?

The trendy site and its fellow video-upload services are in a quandary over how to bring in the ad dollars.

By April 21, 2006


YouTube lubed with second-round funding

Video-sharing site receives $8 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, a financier of dot-com dreams.

By April 6, 2006


Mobile communities could fill 3G pipes

Social-networking and community sites are going mobile, helping boost data usage on 3G networks.

By April 5, 2006