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Bookshelves Lite

THE FULL VERSION IS 70% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME "Bookshelves is a powerful organization tool that places you firmly in control of your files - a...

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What's On My Bookshelves?

Whats On My Bookshelves?Looking for something on your bookshelves? Standing in the bookstore and cant remember what you wanted to get? Trying to...

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SharedBookshelves - sharing Christian books within the church family

Christian books can be expensive, and it's quite likely that someone else in your church family already has the book you're interested in reading...


Weighing the environmental costs: buy an e-reader or a shelf of books?

Bookshelves towering floor to ceiling filled with weighty tomes, or one book-sized device holding hundreds of "books" in electronic form — which one of these options for the voracious reader creates the least damaging environmental footprint?

By July 26, 2012


Zuckerberg joins Pinterest rival The Fancy

Facebook CEO fancies some high-end bookshelves, but does he also fancy buying the consumer-focused image-sharing site?

By June 8, 2012


Amazon to acquire book networking site

The online retailer is buying Shelfari, a site that allows users to create virtual bookshelves and share title lists with friends.

By August 25, 2008


Webvan adds bookshelves to grocery site

The online grocer is giving its Web site the look of a local supermarket by adding popular fiction and other books to its virtual aisles.

By February 22, 2000


Net researcher bulks up its library

Ebrary, backed by Adobe Systems Chairman John Warnock, announces partnerships with a trio of major publishers that will expand its virtual bookshelves.

November 19, 2001


E-publishing has lengths to go before making splash

Microsoft and several U.S. publishers announce plans for online publishing, but it's unclear if consumers will rush to the virtual bookshelves.

May 23, 2000