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US Facebook average is 40 minutes a day, says CEO

A tiny joy embedded in today's earnings call makes Facebook more important to Americans than quite a few things.

By July 23, 2014


Kaffe qif qiya! Finally, a course to help kids learn Dothraki

It is known: Nacho Punch makes some pretty hilarious videos, including this one that mashes up a 1990s commercial for the Muzzy language-learning program with the ancient tongue in "Game of Thrones."

By March 20, 2014


Road Trip Pic of the Day, 7/23: What is this?

If you know what this is and where it's located, you could win a prize in the CNET Road Trip Picture of the Day challenge.

By July 23, 2010


Supreme Court voids law on animal cruelty videos

Justices conclude 1999 law intended to ban Web videos of small animals being crushed is "overbroad" and would ban mainstream hunting programs too.

By April 20, 2010


Survey: Majority of people don't want an iPad

A survey by online marketplace Retrevo finds that 61 percent of people aren't interested in owning an iPad. It also suggests that the hype around the product has actually made things worse.

By February 7, 2010


Nested camping cooking set

This complete nested cooking set lets you prepare and serve meals on camping trips without lugging along extra bags and weight.

By September 16, 2009


Year of the Boar, in a flash

'Fortune Pig' design for limited-edition cards

By January 30, 2007


Portable bars combine marketing, tailgating

Event Hog, the makers of BrandStands fuse marketing and tailgating into one. Slap your brand name on one and literally roll up to the venue.

By July 15, 2008


Year of the Rat burnt into memory

Kingston flash drive pays homage to the noble rodent.

By February 20, 2008


Mini-SD? T-flash? Oink, oink...

Memory card reader shaped like a piggy bank.

By April 5, 2007