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Big Blu: Sony's 200-disc Blu-ray changer, plus Blu-ray burner and 500GB HDD

Sony has announced the HES-V1000, a 200-disc Blu-ray changer and burner, complete with a 500GB internal hard drive and an Ethernet port that pulls movie and music information off the internet.

By September 6, 2007


Sharp BD-HP10: Meet Sharp's bargain-basement Blu-ray player

With Blu-ray still licking its wounds from the Paramount/Dreamworks defection, the Sharp BD-HP10 should help them heal -- it offers a superb specification for a reasonably small amount of cash

By October 16, 2007


Toshiba to Blu-ray: Game on, molls!

The pre-Christmas battlegrounds have been drawn as Toshiba announces an AU$400 drop on its budget HD DVD player, the HD-E1.

By October 11, 2007


JB Hi-Fi to stock HD DVDs in-store

After nine months, major retailer JB Hi-Fi has reversed its decision to exclusively stock Blu-ray products in-store, opening the floor for HD DVD players and titles.

By October 18, 2007


Panasonic: Blu-ray will win the war by New Year's Day

Blu-ray manufacturers are going to cut prices and start a promotional binge for the holiday-shopping season.

By October 2, 2007


Sharp to release Blu-ray recorders with storage

Sharp is about to unleash some of the world's first Blu-ray recorders for HD television with four new models slated for release in Japan from next month.

By September 27, 2007


Sharp rolls out Blu-ray recorders for Japan

They include a top-of-the-line 1TB hard drive model.

By September 27, 2007


Blu-ray vs HD DVD: which video format is for you?

Is Blu-ray bang for your buck? Is HD DVD hot to trot? Which next-generation video format should you choose and why?

By September 24, 2007


Got 200 Blu-ray discs? Stick 'em here!

Sony's home entertainment server

By September 21, 2007


Rumors of $400 PS3/'Spider-Man 3' Blu-ray bundle rev up

Our friends over at Gamespot posted a blog yesterday discussing the likelihood of a rumored $400 PS3 that would arrive in time for the holidays.

By September 11, 2007