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Microsoft makes Bluetooth blunder with Sculpt keyboard

The new wireless, ergonomic keyboard looks good to CNET's Stephen Shankland -- except the part where Microsoft squanders a USB port instead of just using Bluetooth.

By September 13, 2013


UK sites wrongly blocked in Premier League piracy blunder

The Radio Times website as well as other football clubs' pages were caught up in the League's copyright battle.

By August 15, 2013


Marissa Mayer apologises for pro photographer blunder

The Yahoo CEO has apologised to Flickr users for her controversial comment that professional photographers no longer exist.

By May 22, 2013


Facebook's racist blunder

Facebook exploded yesterday, with users angrily reporting a page called "Aboriginal Memes" that makes racist "jokes" about Australia's indigenous people.

By August 7, 2012


5 blunders that put Nokia in the hot seat

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is in a bind now, but the problems at the company sprung up long before he joined the company.

By June 14, 2012


Oops! Yahoo blunders in Facebook patent squabble

Yahoo claimed Facebook had fraudulently filed some of its patents, but Facebook hit back by proving Yahoo hadn't even checked the records to see if it was right.

By May 17, 2012


O2 fixes phone number leak, explains blunder

British wireless carrier admits that between January 10 and 2 p.m. today, customers' phone numbers could have been accessed by sites that don't belong to the network's roster of "trusted partners."

By January 25, 2012


How Netflix has blundered

Critics are calling it a box office flop. Not a new movie, but rather, Netflix, the service that provides them. The pioneering mail-in DVD rental service has recently undergone major changes, upsetting its subscribers. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports.

September 19, 2011


OS X Lion costs users up to $4,000 after Mac App Store PayPal blunder

Customers paying for Mac OS X Lion using PayPal have been hit with massive bills, after being charged multiple times. One user reports being charged nearly $4,000 for the new software.

By July 29, 2011


US Marshals leak likely Bitcoin auction bidders, by mistake

Committing a common email blunder, the government agency accidentally reveals a list of potential bidders for Silk Road's seized bitcoins.

By June 19, 2014