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Snowden reportedly has 'blueprint' on how NSA operates

Former NSA contractor has a virtual "instruction manual" that could aid in duplication or evasion of NSA surveillance tactics, The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald tells the Associated Press.

By Jul. 14, 2013


Is this an iPhone 5 blueprint?

A hard-copy leak appears to lend more credence to the rumor of a new iPhone with a 4-inch screen.

By May. 31, 2012


Is Netflix's model a blueprint for digital music?

Can Netflix's successful business strategy teach the music sector about how to get music consumers excited about joining subscription music services?

By Apr. 28, 2011


iPhone 5 blueprint is more evidence of taller 4-inch screen

A schematic purportedly detailing the next iPhone has leaked, and chimes with earlier evidence of a taller 4-inch display.

By May. 31, 2012


Exec shakeup lays blueprint for Sony's future

CEO Howard Stringer aligns video game and consumer electronics businesses under Kaz Hirai, effectively picking him as successor. That secures Stringer's legacy while maintaining momentum of convergence of devices, entertainment.

By Mar. 10, 2011


A Cloud migration blueprint

Moving to the Cloud is getting easier all the time. This blueprint gives some insight into the best ways to make your move.

By Dec. 19, 2008


Amazon's blueprint for cloud computing

Amazon.com CTO Werner Vogels outlines the core objectives and principles that cloud computing must meet to be successful.

By Jun. 25, 2008


Obama's budget blueprint enhances cybersecurity

President Obama's 2010 budget proposal continues to fund Homeland Security's heavily criticized cybersecurity division, but it also boosts such funding for intelligence.

By Feb. 27, 2009


Cisco unveils global blueprint for cities

Its "Intelligent Urbanization" pilot aims to help a city in India use the network to integrate city management to bring economic growth and better quality of life.

By Feb. 13, 2009


Blueprint for the perfect green laptop

PopSci.com outlines the major ecological issues with laptops, and offers solutions.

By Jul. 26, 2007