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French Iron Man Blue Ray Movie Release Has iPhone Features

French Iron Man Blue Ray Movie Release Has iPhone Features

By October 6, 2008


Electric aircraft start finding a foothold in aviation industry

Don't expect an all-electric plane to carry hundreds of passengers soon, but in some corners of aviation, battery-powered aircraft are attracting industry interest.

By June 25, 2013


Digital storage basics, Part 3: Backup vs. redundancy

CNET editor Dong Ngo goes over the basics of digital-storage devices for home users.

By December 3, 2012


This is not the future of Windows 8 convertibles

The old tablet PC model won't cut it in the age of the iPad and Microsoft Surface.

By July 18, 2012


Netflix reaches U.K and Ireland. Watch out, Amazon

Amazon's Lovefilm service now has major new competition with the arrival of Netflix streaming-video service in the U.K. and Ireland.

By January 9, 2012


Star Trek The Next Generation coming on Blu-ray

Star Trek The Next Generation is set to be released on Blu-ray this Christmas, marking an end to a four year wait for fans.

By September 13, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1543: The DOJ puts AT&T in time-out (Podcast)

Wow, look at the big consumer-friendly brain on the DOJ! The Justice Department files an unexpected suit to block the AT&T and T-Mobile acquisition, and we discuss whether we think that will mean the end of it, or whether AT&T will just start buying members of Congress left and right. You decide. Plus, the TouchPad rises once again, we have a winner in the "what does HP now stand for" contest, and it's not Hypothetical Pandas, although it should be.

By August 31, 2011


Wal-Mart takes another crack at challenging Netflix

Five years after surrendering home video rentals to Netflix, Wal-Mart is back with the Vudu streaming-video service integrated into its Web store.

By July 26, 2011


Snapstick takes on Apple TV, Google TV

A young startup is about to shop around for takers to its alternative to getting Web content onto TVs.

By December 9, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 1329: Punching robots and BingFace (podcast)

Headlines from today's show include Facebook and Bing's new search partnership, when "bill shock" crosses over into "bill kill," and Molly admits she was wrong about the iPad. People are totally buying that thing. They're also buying Macs in droves, apparently. And also: rock 'em sock 'em robot torture. --Molly

By October 14, 2010