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'Blue screen of death' attacks some iPhone 5S owners

Users on Apple's support forums say their iPhone 5S units are turning a mean shade of blue and then rebooting.

By October 11, 2013


Windows 7, Vista zero-day flaw reported

Security researcher says vulnerability in Windows 7 could lead to an attack causing a critical system error, or "blue screen of death."

By September 8, 2009


Blue Security attack linked to blog crashes

DDoS attack on antispam campaigner redirected to blog-hosting firm Six Apart, forcing it offline, security firm says.

By May 4, 2006


Black Frog leaps into fight against spam

Okopipi project aims to continue antispam campaign launched by now-defunct Blue Frog effort, which suffered a DOS attack.

By May 24, 2006


IBM strikes at SCO claims

SCO Group's faltering attack on Linux faces another threat as Big Blue files motion seeking dismissal of contract claims.

By August 16, 2004


Microsoft bundling strategy attacked

Gates denies Microsoft ever asked IBM to lower its public support of Java, despite claims he labeled Big Blue "rabid Java backers" in email.

November 17, 1998