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Music poll: How do you get your music? CD? iTunes? Napster?

The Audiophiliac wants to know how you get your music--CD, LP, MP3, iTunes, or maybe from a P2P or music subscription service?

By February 6, 2008


How I get my music

Audiophiliac blogger Steve Guttenberg has asked how users get their music. Here's my answer.

By February 7, 2008


How label-backed P2P was born

A look at how top record label and P2P execs worked for a cease-fire--and wound up with a new kind of digital music service.

By August 22, 2005


CA slaps spyware label on Kazaa

P2P program poses threat because of its widespread popularity and its high "clot factor," software maker says.

November 26, 2004


Senate OKs antipiracy plan

Pirate Act would let feds sue suspected pirates--raising worries about an onslaught of legal action against file swappers.

By June 25, 2004


Covering tracks: New privacy hope for P2P

Programmers seek the path to anonymous file-swapping, hoping to evade RIAA lawsuits.

By February 24, 2004


Should ISP subscribers pay for P2P?

Several proposals to collect money from ISP subscribers to pay for online music swapping are bubbling to public attention in the United States and Canada.

By December 4, 2003


Senators ask P2P companies to police themselves

A group of Washington lawmakers calls for file-swapping companies to help stop distribution of copyrighted materials and pornography on their networks.

By November 21, 2003


Grokster chief heads to Spanish P2P firm

Wayne Rosso, president of the file-swapping company, resigns to take the helm of younger Spanish peer-to-peer technology rival Blubster.

By October 14, 2003


P2P group seeks peace but talks tough

A newly launched trade group that includes Grokster and Lime Wire offers to negotiate with record labels but at the same time denounces its foes as "tyrannosaurical."

By September 29, 2003