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Ultra HD Blu-Ray's Digital Bridge: Can you finally watch your movie wherever you want?

The upcoming Ultra HD Blu-ray has a new method to allow sharing of the movies you buy across your phones and tablets, even allowing you to burn a backup. Will it work? Is it better than Ultraviolet? Here's what we know.

By August 30, 2015


Blu-ray laptop for under $1000: Sony Vaio NW160J

Although it's expensive for a 15-inch multimedia laptop, the Blu-ray and game-playing capabilities of the Vaio NW160J make it a worthy portable entertainment system.

By July 29, 2009


What? A new Blu-ray player for $99.99?

It's true. For the first time ever, you can buy a new, not refurbished, Blu-ray player for under $100. No rebates, either! You even get an HDMI cable and free shipping.

By June 19, 2009


Add a Blu-ray drive to your PC for $89.99

Finally, Blu-ray for under $100! Sony's internal drive comes with the software you need to watch movies on your PC.

By February 16, 2009


Warner backs Blu-ray: Format war is as good as finished

Just before CES 2008 gets under way, Warner announces that it will be dropping support for HD DVD and exclusively backing Blu-ray

By January 5, 2008