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Sites that help you find hot topics across the Web

Looking for the next big thing on the Web? These sites will help you find what you're looking for on topics ranging from tech to politics to fashion.

By August 17, 2009


NYT's Sulzberger: 'We can't care' if newspapers die

Publisher and chairman of The New York Times Company says at WebbyConnect conference that the company is willing to embrace radical change to stay afloat.

By October 22, 2008


Microsoft Live Labs launches political meme tracker

The software maker's Political Streams platform offers a new way to keep an eye on election news. An interesting feature: it keeps track of mentioned names and places in each story.

By October 9, 2008


Seven blog news trackers compared

Google Blog Search is the new kid on town, but what about the other services that have offered similar functionality? We break down six competitors.

By October 2, 2008


Google News dips into meme tracking for blogs

The search giant's new Blog Search page tracks memes so you don't have to. Think of it like Google News, but for blogs.

By October 1, 2008


More new-media projects on the way for the 'New York Times'

Widgets, APIs, iPhone apps, and a whole lot of other trendy tech buzzwords make up the venerable media outlet's digital road map.

By July 2, 2008


Blogged.com launches human-powered news tracker

Tracking hot stories with Blogged.com's new Internet news memetracker.

By July 2, 2008


OneSpot feeds publishers' content

OneSpot joins a host of other companies in the business of delivering contextual content links for publishers.

By June 16, 2008


Filtering the feed

Increasingly news aggregation and filtering services are filling in the gaps between the overflow of content from the thousands of sources and standard RSS feed readers.

By June 5, 2008


Yahoo launches Buzz right on schedule

Yahoo Buzz launches, so what the heck is it?

By February 26, 2008