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Buzz Out Loud 1329: Punching robots and BingFace (podcast)

Headlines from today's show include Facebook and Bing's new search partnership, when "bill shock" crosses over into "bill kill," and Molly admits she was wrong about the iPad. People are totally buying that thing. They're also buying Macs in droves, apparently. And also: rock 'em sock 'em robot torture. --Molly

By October 14, 2010


Spooky tech tales to make your computer crawl

We asked readers to send in their spookiest tech tales in advance of Halloween, and they delivered the gore. Get ready to be scared.

By October 30, 2009


Military father gets robotics contract

UGV robot for dismantling road-side bombs, among other things, was inspired by son's death due partially to lack of equipment.

By July 7, 2008