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Smartphone app predicts bipolar mood swings

An experimental smartphone app analyses changes in vocal patterns to predict the early signs of a bipolar mood swing.

By May 8, 2014


The 'SunSpa': Light therapy for the bipolar pet

Another device simulates sunlight to create a "pet heaven."

By April 22, 2008


HP Pavilion TX1020ea: Bi-polar media Tablet

What do you get when you combine a boring Tablet PC with an exciting Media Center laptop? One of these, innit

By May 15, 2007


A little black dress that speaks to schizophrenia

U.K. design students fashion powerful garments that aim to explain the neuroscientific underpinnings of bipolar disorder, epilepsy, autism, Alzheimer's, and more.

By April 5, 2013


Could a blood test predict suicide risk?

People at risk for suicide don't always show signs of their vulnerability. But a test that can scan biomarkers to predict actual suicidal impulses? While promising, it may go only so far.

By August 21, 2013


Detecting schizophrenia: The eyes have it

Researchers using video software to analyze eye movements during certain tasks said they can identify schizophrenia with "exceptional accuracy."

By October 30, 2012


Perfect drug for perfect pitch? New study tests valproate

A new study suggests a mood-stabilizing drug could allow adults to learn perfect musical pitch the way kids do. But don't expect the drug to turn you into a rock star just yet.

By January 14, 2014


Zynga online gambling could mean real money, but real problems

Zynga may try its hand at online gambling, which ZDNet's Larry Dignan says might be both a great business move and a real problem.

By January 20, 2012


How to self-destruct on Twitter

Golfer Lee Westwood apologizes after a series of hissing tweets at pesterers. Days before, famous porn professor and male feminist Hugo Schwyzer uses Twitter to admit he's a fraud. Why on Twitter?

By August 12, 2013