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Hacker collective focuses on biotech (audio slideshow)

BioCurious, a hackerspace for biotech, lets budding scientists get their hands on once-inaccessible equipment.

By March 15, 2012


Google buys Lift Labs, maker of spoon for Parkinson's tremors

The search giant takes another step into biotech, snapping up a device maker focused on neurodegenerative diseases.

By September 10, 2014


Clean-tech investors take cue from biotech

Venture capitalists continue to stay bullish on green tech but more people in the field say start-ups need to reconsider how best to successfully fund their businesses.

By December 19, 2008


Biotech pros press algae into biodiesel production

Berkeley spinoff Aurora Biofuels lands $20 million in series A funding for algae aquaculture venture.

By June 10, 2008


Why Web 2.0 is an easier investment than biotech

More venture money goes into life sciences than any other category. But it's not easy to make those investments pay off.

By April 3, 2008


Singularity University launches synthetic biology accelerator

The new program will give three initial companies a leg up in getting their startups off the ground. The accelerator will be modeled on those that traditionally work with tech and biotech startups.

By May 17, 2012


AntiSec dumps Monsanto data on the Web

Hackers affiliated with Anonymous go after the biotech giant, stating, "Your continued attack on the worlds food supply...has earned you our full attention."

By March 1, 2012


Why Apple's manufacturing model won't work in new industries

To innovate in energy, biotech, and advanced materials, U.S. companies need to locate manufacturing in the U.S. and not outsource production as the IT industry does, according to experts.

By October 18, 2011


Monsanto confirms Anonymous hacking attack

Agricultural biotech giant says its Web sites were hit last month and some employee data was compromised after Anonymous data dump.

By July 13, 2011