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SMS-based two-factor authentication will soon be banned

The US National Institute for Standards and Technology draft guidelines state that SMS is not secure enough for authentication purposes.

By July 25, 2016


Car Tech 101: Biometric seats explained

Car seats that read your rump to tailor drive modes and modify your mood are not far away. Brian Cooley shows you how they work.​

By October 20, 2015


15 things to look forward to in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Once the Windows 10 Anniversary Update hits, Microsoft Edge may actually be able to play in the same sandbox as other modern web browsers...

By July 18, 2016


Google wants to solve password problems by tracking more of you (CNET Update)

Google thinks it can rid us of passwords with a series of tests in a "trust score." And Microsoft is getting tougher on what types of passwords it allows.

By May 26, 2016


Twitter changes the rules, MacBook may change design (CNET Update)

You'll be able to pack more into a tweet with Twitter's new exceptions for its 140-character limit. Also, a report suggests Apple's next MacBook Pro will include a small touchscreen and fingerprint scanner.

By May 24, 2016


Billionaire starter kit: 14 items to acquire when you hit 10 figures

Congrats. You're an oligarch. Time to shop for your first bunker, submarine and private rocket.

17 Images By May 18, 2016


'Sinister' and 'Orwellian': BioBeats founder warns of the dark side of wearables and biometrics

The man behind the heartbeat-reading startup has warned of the potential abuses of the new technology.

By May 13, 2015


Your life takes Zenta stage with the 'Fitbit for emotions'

A new wearable device, currently smashing its crowdfunding target, records when you're stressed and relates it to what you were doing.

By July 8, 2016


Use your eyes, voice -- and thoughts -- to replace passwords

From CNET Magazine: Password protection is so last century. Take a look at the future of security.

By July 4, 2016


You may soon do your Citi banking with Amazon's Alexa

Citigroup is reportedly testing the use of Amazon's digital assistant in its mobile banking app.

By June 27, 2016