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Gator power: Alligator fat pitched as biodiesel

Millions of pounds of fat from alligators, which are not threatened, is thrown away every year but the fat is more suitable than other animal fats for biodiesel, a study finds.

By Aug. 18, 2011


Climate impact threatens biodiesel future in EU

Europe's world-leading industry is now on the verge of being legislated out of existence after the studies reveal biodiesel's indirect impact cancels out most of its benefits.

By Jul. 9, 2011


Researchers coax bacteria to make biodiesel

Biofuel company LS9, along with government-funded researchers, have developed a way to convert non-food plants into biodiesel in a single step, promising lower costs.

By Jan. 27, 2010


Biodiesel purity test

Paradigm Sensors' i-SPEC Q-100 measures biodiesel purity.

By Feb. 5, 2008


Biodiesel firms to merge

Better Biodiesel, a Utah-based producer of biodiesel fuel, says it plans to buy GeoAlgae Technologies for an undisclosed sum.

By Jan. 4, 2008


Green Mile: Biodiesel is on the menu

At a seafood restaurant in Sausalito, Calif., they have no shortage of what could be tomorrow's fuel.

May. 21, 2008


Expanding biodiesel in South America

There's an awful lot of jatropha in Peru

By Sep. 17, 2007


Neste biodiesel passes Mercedes truck test

Pilot project claims significant carbon dioxide reduction with trucks and buses running on diesel fuel made from sustainable biomass.

By Jun. 10, 2009


A handy home test for biodiesel

It's not a home pregnancy test, but it will tell you if your biodiesel is good.

By Jun. 18, 2007


Use biodiesel in your car

Car Tech editor Wayne Cunningham shows you how to prepare your diesel car to run on clean, renewable fuel.

May. 21, 2008