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'Social Shot' creates custom cocktail from your Facebook data (Tomorrow Daily 269)

Ashley discusses a Minecraft server made for teaching biochemistry concepts, MIT's crowdfunding effort for an at-home lab made for growing cells and a special cart that can parse your social media profile into a personalized shot of booze.

By November 3, 2015


This robotic bartender makes custom shots from your Facebook data (Tomorrow Daily 269 show notes)

"The Social Shot" is an interesting cart with a mission: to devise how your personality fits into five specific human traits, and then craft an alcoholic shot specifically customized to your Facebook profile's information.

By November 3, 2015


The veggie burger that bleeds like real meat

A biochemistry professor has invented a meat-free burger that looks and bleeds juice just like the beef you cook on your grill.

By October 12, 2014


Biochemistry research company picks IBM

Proteome Systems, a biotechnology research company with offices in Australia and Boston, has purchased IBM products for its own use and will sell IBM hardware and software preferentially to customers using its software, the companies said Tuesday. Proteome Systems sells hardware systems for analyzing proteins, complex molecules derived from genes. Proteomics research is a part of medical research and drug development. The company will sell IBM pSeries Unix servers and its DB2 database software.

By November 20, 2001