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Hormel motorcycle is fueled by bacon

To promote the upcoming International Bacon Film Festival in San Diego, Hormel made a motorcycle that runs on bacon grease, and emits a lovely bacon smell in the exhaust.

By August 15, 2014


Bio-on hopes its bioplastics will replace metal, too (Q&A)

CEO Marco Astorri thinks his startup's plastic, derived from sugar beets, is environmentally better than ordinary plastic. In one form, it can conduct electricity, too, and auto supplier Magna's interest is piqued.

By February 6, 2014


Apple hits 75 percent renewable energy across the board

The tech giant says three-quarters of its energy needs are now renewable, with some facilities now at 100 percent.

By March 21, 2013


Apple's Greenpeace cloud rating no longer a 'fail'

In an updated report on energy use among cloud data centers, Apple is no longer failing in two key areas, and has improved in others, Greenpeace says.

By July 12, 2012


Apple's main data center to go fully renewable this year

Apple is doubling up on solar energy at its Maiden, N.C., data center, and plans to make it run entirely off renewable energy by the end of 2012.

By May 17, 2012


Which electric car is best for you? (comparison)

We put the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, and the Mitsubishi i-MIEV side-by-side to see how these everyday EVs stack up.

By April 25, 2012


Microbe helps convert solar power to liquid fuel

By pairing biology and photovoltaics, a new "electrofuel" system could build alternative fuels.

By March 30, 2012


Apple's Ive talks design, what competitors do wrong

In a rare interview, Apple's design guru tells the London Evening Standard that competitors chase after the wrong goals, and he offers up what Apple does instead.

By March 12, 2012


Gates on energy: IT revolution has warped our minds

Forget a Moore's Law for energy tech, says Bill Gates. Moving the energy system away from fossil fuels takes decades of work and multiple scientific breakthroughs.

By February 28, 2012


Spectrum crunch: All talk, no action, and consumers suffer

The gridlock between Capitol Hill and the FCC is holding the American consumer and economy hostage.

By February 16, 2012