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HBO to Apple: Bada Bing?

Content deal between companies would supposedly involve selling HBO's content at a different price than the rest of the iTunes content--something Apple has fiercely resisted.

By May 12, 2008


Episode 5 of Open Season: Radiohead, patent trolls, Steve Ballmer's acquisition binge, etc.

Episode 5 of Open Season. More open-source snarkerie than you can shake a stick at.

By October 23, 2007


Hello, lover: HBO-iTunes hookup is official

Episodes of six shows from the premium-cable network are now available (some at a premium price) on Apple's Store, including all 94 episodes of Sex and the City.

By May 13, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 723: Best bad idea ever

The military has proposed creating their own botnet to help combat cyberfoes. Kevin Poulsen at Wired thinks this is idiotic. We think there's a certain amount of mad genius to it, and debate the points. Meanwhile 6 million Chileans had their personal dat

By May 13, 2008


DEA agent caught twisting facts in wiretap request

A federal judge rebukes a Drug Enforcement Administration agent for selective editing in a wiretap request that claimed a conversation about chrome wheels was code for drugs.

By March 18, 2008


Christmas songs, both low and high

Whether you're looking for the perfect Christmas song, something blue and bitter, or more of a surreal holiday soundtrack, Download Music has you covered.

By November 29, 2007


How to clone the Leopard Install DVD to an external FireWire drive

It's tricky, but you can do it.

By November 1, 2007


EA's Mac games arrive in Apple stores

They were supposed to be out in July, and Madden '08 still isn't available, but Apple stores will soon have some new games from EA to sell alongside new iMacs.

By August 17, 2007


No Mac version of 'Madden NFL 08,' yet

Despite a promise from EA in June that the company would simultaneously release "Madden NFL 08" for both PCs and Macs, the Mac version hasn't arrived.

By August 15, 2007


Ten fingers and a seven string guitar: CD Review, Charlie Hunter Trio's Mistico

Review of the Charlie Hunter Trio's Mistico CD

By August 6, 2007