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Companies Apple could buy with their billions

Apple's sitting on a massive pile of cash. Here are five interesting ways they could spend it.

By Mar. 19, 2014


Candy Crush: The one-hit wonder worth billions?

King makes 180 game titles but only one that really matters. The soon-to-be public company will need its big hit to avoid the rise-and-fall fate of social games.

By Mar. 12, 2014


Activision to spend billions to buy back Vivendi stake

Game giant Activision Blizzard is taking back the firm's controlling stake in deals worth more than $8 billion.

By Jul. 26, 2013


Apple dodged paying billions in taxes, subcommittee says

A senate panel releases a lengthy report detailing how the tech company used offshore corporate structures to avoid paying billions in U.S. taxes.

By May. 20, 2013


Gasp over hundreds of billions in gold at Bank of England

Unless you work at Fort Knox, you've probably never seen this much gold in one sitting.

By Dec. 9, 2012


Photo time capsule to last 'billions of years' in space

The Last Pictures is a disc of 100 black and white images that's set to join the orbiting junk pile overhead. Could it become humanity's final monument?

By Oct. 9, 2012


Telecom monopoly overcharging Mexicans billions

A new report shows that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is running a telecom monopoly that is costing the Mexican economy billions every year.

By Jan. 31, 2012


Milky Way packs billions of Earth-size planets

Astronomers at the ESO in Europe conclude that there are tens of billions of rocky planets in potentially habitable zones in our galaxy.

By Mar. 28, 2012


Chipmakers losing billions on DRAM as iPad dominates

Did you know that Apple ships more iPads than Dell ships PCs? Chipmakers that have bet their business on the global demand for DRAM chips know this and it's freaking them out.

By Dec. 1, 2011


Dear Apple: Please spend your billions on radical battery tech

The future of mobile isn't being held back by software or hardware -- it's the battery that is our greatest limitation.

By Jun. 12, 2012