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Democrats mobilize tech volunteers for convention

A team of tech savvy volunteers has descended on Philadelphia to help the Democrats get the word out for Hillary Clinton.

By July 28, 2016


Clinton accepts nomination, Twitter goes wild. (What did you expect?)

Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic Party's nomination, marking the first time a major party put forward a woman as its candidate.

By July 28, 2016


The end of 'Game of Thrones' is officially set

The network would "take 10 seasons if we could," but the show's creators are adamant that eight will be the number.

By July 30, 2016


Twitter dazzled, dismayed by Bill Clinton's star turn at DNC

With his speech at the Democratic National Convention, the former president shows that he still knows how to rock a lectern. The Twitterati weigh in.

By July 26, 2016


T-Mobile bulks up as new customers gobble pizza freebies and more

The aggressive No. 3 carrier once again leads the industry in the critical area of adding customers.

By July 27, 2016


See Bill Gates and Warren Buffett sing, eat Dairy Queen treats in VR

What do billionaire friends do in their spare time? Goof off, tease each other and eat junk food, just like the rest of us.

By July 7, 2016


As House Dems protest crosses 24 hours, #NoBillNoBreak streams keep flowing

Democrat lawmakers' live streams of a sit-in on the floor of the US House racked up 3 million Facebook views

By June 23, 2016


New York passes bill banning entire home short-term rentals on Airbnb

The New York senate has passed a bill that bans Airbnb rentals of an entire property shorter than 30 days.

By June 20, 2016


Bill Gates throws his support behind Microsoft's $26B acquisition of LinkedIn

The Microsoft co-founder has high hopes for LinkedIn's feed for professionals to become as valuable as Facebook's feed in the social world.

By June 17, 2016


Bolivia pecks holes in Bill Gates' offer to donate thousands of chickens

The philanthropic billionaire wants to give 100,000 hens to countries that need them -- but Bolivia's rural development minister wants no part of it.

By June 16, 2016