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A cheap satnav for bikes

The Schwinn Cyclenav is a simple and cheap way to get directions safely while cycling

By Jan. 8, 2014


Cyclist bikes across SF Bay, no bridge required

Next up in his quest to turn "aquatic biking" into a global phenomenon, BayCycle Project founder Judah Schiller will cross the Hudson on a bike fixed to a portable flotation device.

By Oct. 2, 2013


Cars, bikes, homes: Bosch wiggles its way into the smart life at CES 2014 (pictures)

The German company Bosch reveals its latest hi-tech connected products today at their press conference in Las Vegas.

14 Images By Jan. 6, 2014


The bikes of the 2013 Geneva auto show (pictures)

I love bicycles so much that I spent a significant amount of time looking for them at a major auto show.

13 Images By Mar. 6, 2013


New GTA 5 screenshots tease heists, bikes and, er, scuba

Check out 12 new screenshots from Rockstar's upcoming open-world crime-a-thon.

12 Images By May. 8, 2013


Smart For-us pickup concept juices your bikes

Even if you aren't an eco-conscious bike enthusiast, the new Smart For-us concept has a lot to like.

By Jan. 11, 2012


Crave in Comments: Suction cups and toilet bikes

It's been one heck of a week, but now it's time to take a break and chuckle with a few comments from our Crave family.

By Oct. 7, 2011


Crave in Comments: From mind bikes to drunk fliers

Several chucklers left by Crave readers are the main course in this week's serving of Crave in Comments.

By Jul. 8, 2011


Beyond the cruiser: Designing tomorrow's bikes

If any of the winning designs from the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010 actually hit the pavement, bikes will pedal even further toward the futuristic than they already have.

By Oct. 1, 2010


Harley-Davidson's latest and greatest bikes

Road Trip 2010: CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman appreciates adventure, and as part of his, he went to see Harley-Davidson put together the machines that will take countless people on endless journeys.

By Jul. 30, 2010