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Bigfoot hair samples ruled out through DNA analysis

Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot; whatever name it goes by, the wild-dwelling beast-man of local legends still has yet to be proven to exist, according to science.

By July 1, 2014


Bigfoot dead? Hunter plans to take Sasquatch corpse on tour

Texas hunter Rick Dyer recently posted new photos of "Hank" the Bigfoot, who he claims to have killed in 2012. Skeptics and fans can see the mythical body up close with a planned carcass tour.

By January 10, 2014


Bigfoot is alive, researchers claim (again)

A number of researchers, some with scientific background, declare they have seen Bigfoot. Meanwhile, a project wants to raise money for a quiet drone to finally track down the large, hairy creature.

By October 3, 2013


Famous naturalist: Evidence of Bigfoot 'convincing'

Sir David Attenborough, perhaps the world's most famous natural-history broadcaster, says he believes that Bigfoot, or the Yeti, may be alive and well, and somewhere up a mountain.

By March 1, 2009


Why Government should investigate "Little Bigfoot" sightings

Small towns in Argentina are becoming increasingly concerned about the appearance of a haunting gnome-like creature.

By October 16, 2008


Are the Bigfoot trackers after a $1,000,000 online reward?

Bushnell's Field and Stream is offering one million for a verified photo of Bigfoot. This may be the Georgia trackers aim.

By August 17, 2008


The Bigfoot press conference and the art of selling a website

The alleged Bigfoot finders proved themselves masters of selling their website at their Palo Alto press conference.

By August 16, 2008


Why the online Bigfoot claims are true

Two Bigfoot hunters claim they have found the mythical creature. Here's why they are telling the truth.

By August 14, 2008


Hunters claim to have nabbed Bigfoot, Internet goes nuts

In a summer when we've already seen a "Montauk Monster" and a grainy video claiming to be of the Chupacabra, two hunters claim they found Bigfoot and have the body to prove it. Hmmm...

By August 14, 2008


Bigfoot site stuns the world: It was a hoax

Outside observers discover that the alleged cadaver was merely a gorilla costume. The rubber foot was a dead giveaway.

By August 19, 2008