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Bicyclist allegedly steals iPhone during GPS demo

A man allegedly snatches an iPhone out of a woman's hands. What he doesn't know is that she is taking part in a demonstration of a real-time GPS-tracking system. He is arrested within 10 minutes.

By Jul. 21, 2010


Report from cop who slammed bicyclist posted online

The Smoking Gun, an online news site, posts report from New York City policeman who said he was knocked down by bicyclist after warning the rider to stop riding recklessly. That's not what the scene looks like on YouTube.

By Jul. 30, 2008


Delphi demoes autonomous car technologies at new lab

At a launch event for its new Silicon Valley facility, automotive supplier Delphi demonstrated sensor and infotainment technologies.

By Sep. 19, 2013


Undercover cops' devious new method to stop iPhone theft

Police in San Francisco decide on a new tactic to stop iPhone theft. Undercover officers are walking down streets offering to sell iPhones they claim are stolen. The idea is to kill the market for stolen phones.

By Apr. 27, 2013


Cyclist wearing headphones, running red lights fined $1,555

A Brooklyn man is bemoaning his fate, despite admitting going through three red lights while wearing headphones and riding his bicycle. Should he be?

By Oct. 14, 2012


Officer who body-slammed cyclist indicted

YouTube played big role in exposing officer who was filmed attacking cyclist and allegedly lied about the incident in his arrest report.

By Dec. 16, 2008


NYPD probes cop in YouTube body-check video

Officer is stripped of his gun and badge after a video posted on YouTube shows him body-checking a bicyclist during Critical Mass bicycle ride.

By Jul. 28, 2008


Google I/O Day One: Google continues attacks on Apple, Amazon

A renewed focus on user experience, fit and finish, and media makes Google mobile products even more attractive for consumers.

By Jun. 27, 2012


Google Glass: $1,500 for developers, shipping next year

Co-founder Sergey Brin shows off Google's computerized glasses -- but they're only for Google I/O attendees -- i.e., developers -- who are on the "bleeding edge."

By Jun. 27, 2012


Missed connections: Limbo in high tech's culture clash

The term "Google bus" has come to symbolize very real tensions between tech companies and the communities they call home. Here's a look below the surface.

By Feb. 8, 2014