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Buy a spare Mars Viking lander project rocket engine

Get a head start on building your very own 1970s-style Mars orbiter by snapping up an engine built for NASA's Viking project.

By September 16, 2014


Samsung Galaxy S4 is first phone to win green TCO award

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first smart phone to be awarded a prestigious TCO certificate award for its sustainable credentials.

By May 16, 2013


JBL's ultimate speaker: Everest DD66000

The Audiophiliac auditions JBL's best speaker, and it's really, really good.

By March 17, 2013


Man who built nuclear reactor in kitchen 'had it under control'

A Swedish man has been arrested after trying to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. Richard Handl blogged says he bought his radioactive materials on eBay.

By August 5, 2011


Greenpeace: HP up, Apple down in green ranks

In the latest green report, Greenpeace indicated gaps between PC vendors in phasing out the use of toxic substances.

By October 26, 2010


Sprint picks Samsung Restore for green thumbs

Due out this summer, Sprint introduces the Samsung Restore, an eco-friendly messaging phone.

By April 20, 2010


High-end sound system, for half the price

High-end audio can be expensive, but there are deals to be had. Take a gander at EMP Tek's nifty Limited Edition System that goes for $595.

By October 1, 2009


Blanket provides protection against dirty bombs

Suppression blanket tailored to reduce radiation emissions.

By June 6, 2009


Audio Slideshow: Livermore Labs unveils super laser

National Ignition Facility dedicates a project years in the making, in which 192 lasers can generate roughly 1,000 times the electricity produced by the U.S. power grid.

By June 3, 2009


Samsung Blue Earth: The plastic-bottle phone

Ever wondered what happens to your water bottles when you put them in the recycling bin? They get turned into mobile phones, of course

By February 13, 2009