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British Library app brings Beowulf, The Beatles

The national library of the United Kingdom releases software that lets iPod, iPad, and Android users explore many of its treasures.

By January 10, 2011


Who shows the best view of 3D 'Beowulf'?

The movie can be seen with three 3D projection technologies: Imax, Real D, and Dolby 3D. Herewith, I declare a winner in technical quality.

By November 21, 2007


Gomban gyldan! 'Beowulf' coming in 3D

Robert Zemeckis' film will premiere in REAL D and other large-format 3D theaters.

By October 27, 2006


U2 3D: What 3D ought to be

'U2 3D' betters 'Beowulf' when it comes to three-dimensional movies, showing what the new medium can offer.

By January 25, 2008


Dolby 3D finds some cinema fans

Dolby signs up a list of theater companies to use its 3D movie technology--but it's still not saying how many screens will show the upcoming Beowulf.

By October 16, 2007


Two Linux server specialists combine

Penguin Computing plans to acquire Scyld Computing, which was founded by a pioneer of "Beowulf" Linux supercomputers.

By June 10, 2003


InfiniBand advocates ratchet forward

Two companies backing the InfiniBand standard have taken steps to move the high-speed networking technology closer to reality, the companies announced Tuesday at the Intel Developer Forum. Chipmaker Mellanox has revamped the Beowulf technique for making cheap supercomputers, using InfiniBand connections between computers instead of the Ethernet network that prevails today. The system uses the Message Passing Interface (MPI) communication standard common in Beowulf clusters. The software ran on Mellanox's Nitro computer, which has 16 thin server "blades" in a single 7-inch-thick cabinet. Also Tuesday, Banderacom announced new product kits to help companies use its InfiniBand chip designs. One is for fiber-optic connections to the current "1x" version of InfiniBand; the other is for the second-generation "4x" version with copper wire connections, the company said. Products with InfiniBand 4x connections are expected in 2003, the company said.

By February 26, 2002


Oil company picks Dell, Linux

Petroleum industry consultant Compagnie G?n?rale de G?ophysique has bought 384 Dell servers running Red Hat's version of Linux for a new system to process data about the Earth's interior such as the details of oil wells, Dell is expected to announce Monday. The computational center will be in Houston, the company said. Linux machines, connected by high-speed networks in a configuration called Beowulf clusters, have become a popular way to provide low-budget supercomputers for some tasks.

By August 22, 2001


Beowulf computing method makes business inroads

The Linux operating system has found another inroad into the business world: a low-cost, high-power, number-crunching method called Beowulf.

By August 5, 1999