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Unlocking Ma Bell: How phone phreaks came to be

In "Exploding the Phone," Phil Lapsley writes an entertaining and educational history of the people who hacked the original phone networks. Lapsley talked to CNET about his book.

By February 12, 2013


Samsung joins Mozilla's quest for Rust

Samsung is chipping in some engineering know-how toward Mozilla's pursuit of a new programming language that it hopes will be a holy grail of code.

By April 3, 2013


Researchers unveil first mm-scale computing system

Researchers at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco demonstrate a prototype implantable eye pressure monitor and a tiny new radio.

By February 22, 2011


Washington's role in a green recovery

How the green-tech initiatives outlined in the federal stimulus bill are implemented is as important as their passage. Here are the recommendations of a Dell executive.

By April 29, 2009


Finding the line between activism and reporting

A few weeks ago, I brought you news that Indiana's Governor had signed into law HB 1197, a data breach and encryption bill that I worked on. What I have not revealed, up until now, is the coercion and arm-twisting that accompanied the passage of this bill

By April 11, 2008


AT&T, Microsoft win as ID theft bill eviscerated

Lobbyists: 1. Consumers: 0. In a not-so-surprising move, AT&T, Microsoft and others manage to disembowel a pro-consumer data-breach bill in Indiana.

By February 13, 2008


FCC approves AT&T-BellSouth merger

After months of partisan deadlock, the Federal Communications Commission approves the merger valued at roughly $86 billion.

By December 29, 2006


AT&T offers more for BellSouth deal approval

Telephone carrier agrees to stiffer conditions on its acquisition of BellSouth to try to win approval from the FCC.

By December 28, 2006


AT&T-BellSouth vote raises new concerns

Democrats and others question the FCC chief's request to allow an official with a conflict of interest to break an expected tie vote.

By December 6, 2006


FCC official mum on AT&T-BellSouth merger

While quiet on merger and Net neutrality, he says government intervention in market failures must be "narrowly tailored and sunsetted."

By November 15, 2006