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Behavioral data tracking rising dramatically (Q&A)

A study by Krux study shows a huge jump in behavioral tracking since Nov. 2010 -- here's why. Hint: Ad networks are involved.

By Jun. 19, 2012


Google ads go behavioral

The search giant launches "interest-based" advertising as a beta test on partner sites and on YouTube. Will users raise a long-term ruckus?

By Mar. 11, 2009


'Behavioral cloudonomics' cuts both ways

An analysis of behavioral economics applied to cloud computing adoption triggered an enthusiastic response from some cloud enthusiasts. However, it might be prudent to remember that the analysis applies equally to adopting the cloud...and leaving it.

By Jun. 18, 2010


Study: Like it or not, behavioral ad targeting works

They're controversial among regulators and privacy groups, but ads targeted to Web users' habits are notably more effective than those that aren't, a new study finds.

By Mar. 24, 2010


Groups call for new checks on behavioral ad data

Privacy advocates want Congress to consider regulations on the use of behavioral advertising data by large Internet companies looking to serve targeted ads.

By Sep. 1, 2009


Veoh Networks launches behavioral ads

Online video site has begun testing a service that matches ads to users' viewing history, searches, and other activity. Behavioral ads have been controversial, though.

By Jul. 14, 2008


33Across: The next generation of behavioral ad targeting

Like its competitors, the start-up is trying to help social networks such as Meebo goose their ad sales by identifying (and studying) members that are so-called influencers.

By Jun. 23, 2008


Scientists find natural hormone that counteracts marijuana high

Pregnenolone might be released by the body to fight the nice feelings created by pot. At least that's what French scientists believe.

By Jan. 5, 2014


Apple aims to target ads based on your mood

A freshly published Apple patent application envisions the delivery of targeted ads based on your mood, behavior, and other seemingly intangible characteristics.

By Jan. 23, 2014


AdBlock Plus spreads its gospel of unintrusive Net advertising

A new manifesto from an ad-blocking company Eyeo tries to build support for the idea that some ads are OK. That's good for its business, since big advertisers pay to get on its whitelist.

By Apr. 3, 2014