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ARM tries to spread its chips to forests, fields, and factories (Q&A)

Gary Atkinson's job is to make sure the Internet of Things becomes the next big thing for chip designer ARM.

By July 4, 2014


Windows 8.1 update sends some love to keyboard and mouse users

With the latest update to Windows 8.1, Microsoft is trying to prove that it hasn’t forgotten about its core desktop audience.

By April 2, 2014


Brain scans could one day help diagnose autism earlier

Researchers say MRI scans show very specific brain activity that could help diagnose autism and aid people in determining early treatment options.

By October 17, 2013


Glowing robotic tentacles populate this Petting Zoo

AI creatures at an avant garde installation in France interact with visitors through movement, sound, touch, and illumination. The neon kind.

By September 17, 2013


Ray turns Android phone into device for the blind

As part of its Wireless Reach initiative, Qualcomm teams with Israeli firm to create Ray, a multifunction device that brings streamlined smartphone functionality to the visually impaired.

By October 23, 2012


New book reminds us why we loved Netflix

The good and bad, but mostly good, about Netflix is illuminated in 'Netflixed,' a book about the company's history.

By October 11, 2012


Ad networks said to be going around Apple to track iOS users

According to a new report, mobile ad networks are able to track user behavior on iOS through the Open Device Identification Number (ODIN) to more effectively target ads.

By June 5, 2012


MIT study: Light alone can activate specific memories

Researchers say that using optogenetics to artificially reactivate memories could advance the study of neurodegenerative disorders.

By March 23, 2012


Report: U.S. to issue terror alerts via Facebook, Twitter

Department of Homeland Security plans to replace color-coded alert system with new two-tiered approach and will issue some public alerts via Facebook and Twitter, the AP reports.

By April 7, 2011


Future uncertain for in-home energy 'dashboards'

Green-tech firms have created a slew of gadgets to help people use energy more wisely at home. But consumer acceptance is another matter.

By February 3, 2011