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Could BeeWi Smart Color LEDs be the Hue competitor we've been waiting for?

At less than $40 per bulb, this affordable Philips alternative could make a colorful debut in the first half of 2014.

By January 13, 2014


BeeWi brings bounty of Bluetooth gadgets to CES 2014

The European company's fighting robots, versatile headphones, and app controlled LED lights shined the brightest at CES 2014.

By January 5, 2014


Plug in a BeeWi Mobot to control your gadgets while you're out

The BeeWi Mobot is a power plug that not only controls your gadgets while you're out, it also talks to your iPhone.

By February 26, 2013


Shoot infrared bullets with BeeWi's new toys

Controlled by a smartphone app, the Tank Bee and the flying Sting Bee can fight each other or a target that shoots back.

By January 6, 2013


BeeWi's battle bots take aim (pictures)

Controlled by a smartphone app, these toys -- a helicopter, a tank, and more -- can shoot infrared bullets, fly, kick balls and climb rough terrain.

7 Images By January 6, 2013


Mobile oddities: Delve into the stranger side of MWC

From Wi-Fi coffee makers to GPS-enabled canes, Mobile World Congress 2013 gave companies a chance to tout the offbeat side of mobile tech.

By February 27, 2013


Day 2 at MWC: What you may have missed

Mobile World Congress continues to deliver a ton of wireless news and an army of new smartphones and tablets. Here are the highlights from the second day of the show.

By February 26, 2013


CNET CES roundup: Xperia Z, 4K and OLED TVs, laser robot tanks

Sony launches the Xperia X and a 4K OLED TV, as robot tanks with lasers roam the halls on press day at CES 2013.

By January 8, 2013