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Samsung BD-UP5000: HD DVD and Blu-ray

Samsung wants to make format wars a thing of the past with its new hybrid player, which fully supports both HD DVD and Blu-ray

By September 3, 2007


Samsung BD-UP5000: Sit on the high-definition fence

If wars aren't your thing, you'll be pleased to know that Samsung has a solution to the high-definition DVD war that doesn't involve any bloodshed or harsh words

By April 16, 2007


Samsung kills HD DVD/Blu-ray combo player

Demise of HD DVD leads company to pull the plug on the product announced just two months ago.

By March 6, 2008


Firmware fixes on deck for Samsung Blu-ray players

All of Samsung's players to date will be getting firmware updates to fix incompatibility issues with certain Blu-ray Discs.

By January 18, 2008


Another Samsung Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player

Samsung announces a new Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player, but it's not that attractive given recent developments in the format war.

By January 6, 2008


Samsung combo player news; BD-P2400 officially canceled

Samsung announces new details on its BD-UP5000 HD DVD/Blu-ray combo player and cancels the BD-P2400 Blu-ray player.

By October 24, 2007


CES 2008: Home video

Preview of what's to come in home video at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show.

By December 18, 2007


What HD disc player should I buy?

What kind of DVD player can you recommend for our LCD 1080p TV?

By November 16, 2007


More details on Samsung's HD DVD/Blu-ray combo player

Samsung reveals even more details about its upcoming HD DVD/Blu-ray combo player, the BD-UP5000, at CEDIA.

By September 5, 2007


Blu-ray profile 1.1 player round-up

If you want to get a little more out of Blu-ray, then you've probably been waiting for the Full Standard Profile players, allowing impressive extras and interactivity. The wait is over -- the 1.1 players are here

By November 6, 2007